Tünde Horváth, MCC


Tünde's work as a leadership coach, organizational development consultant, and trainer of coaches, focuses on enhancing qualities of self-empowerment, passion, and connectedness, in her clients' professional lives. 

She’s a Master Certified Coach (MCC), certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF). 

As the founder and director of the Gestalt Coaching Center, Tünde specializes in the following:

- coaching clients to develop a balanced leadership style, regardless of gender

- uncovering leadership and organizational taboos and blind spots so that a client’s full potential can be realized

- developing confident professional identities both at the corporate and individual levels 

- helping corporate and individual clients through transitions with keen sensitivity for appreciating cultural differences.

In her work with executives and HR professionals she’s learned that until individual and corporate taboos are recognized, and dealt with, one’s full potential cannot be unlocked. She believes that in reaction to taboos, blind spots are created, and that these blind spots obscure valuable resources in us. 

In every OD or coaching project her goal is to uncover these resources so that they can be brought to light to be fully utilized by the individual and the organization.

She's a public speaker and has published in various journals (Gestalt Review, Business and Psychology, Pszichoterapia, Coachszemle)

Tunde is the founder of the Fathers for Daughters Initiative aiming to restore the long-lost balance of masculine and feminine leadership within us; in all genders.

She maintains an international coaching, organizational development consulting and training practice from Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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