Our mission is to enhance the qualities of

  • self-empowerment
  • passion
  • connectedness, and
  • vitality

in our clients lives, thereby supporting them to develop a stable and confident professional identity.

Our aim is to promote healthy social change through our programs and services. We see the participants of our programs as “social change agents”, those who will then support others in

  • building and sustaining strong and stable professional and personal identities,
  • applying new strategies so that they will see different choices before them, and as a result,
  • feeling more confident in themselves in the face of constant change.

We believe that people do not want merely their problems fixed as much as wanting to be genuinely engaged as the people they are. Our ambition is to meet our participants and clients in this way.

We further believe that the more people in a society are supported to understand themselves and others in a new way, and act accordingly, the healthier and more confident that society will become.


We create learning communities, enrich your identity as a coach, in addition to developing your knowledge and coaching skills.