Speaking Engagements

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  • Taboos and Blind Spots: How to Uncover Them for Better Performance in Leadership and Organizational Development
  • Leadership and Organizational Taboos & Blind Spots 
  • The Art of “Not Knowing” in Coaching
  • Why “Doing Nothing” Is a Taboo for Women? - Ways to Renew Creativity 
  • Women Coaches, Men Leaders: Taboos and Blind Spots
  • “The Tapestry of the Human Voice” - Tracking Change Through the Voice In Online Coaching
  • Taboos and Blind Spots in Coaching
  • From Raw Data to Nourishing Feedback


  Past Presentations were held at the following organizations

  •  International Coach Federation Global Conference (Cleveland, OH) June, 2014
  •  Dutch Chamber of Commerce, March 2014
  •  Keynote, Microsoft Opening Windows, Hungary, June 2013
  •  International Coach Federation, February 2013 
  •  Hungarian Coach Association, November 2012 
  •  Hungarian Gestalt Association, September 2012 


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