Taboos and Blind Spots


elephant.jpgDo you have clients who have a difficult time being able to admit making mistakes, or being able to give their bosses feedback, or expressing their emotions in public? The reason these are so difficult to do is because they’re considered as taboos in many organizations.

Since breaking a taboo may result in painful consequences, our clients do many creative things to avoid them; such as developing blind spots and concealing parts of themselves they want to get rid of or ignore. For example, if feeling vulnerable is a taboo, then this emotional sensitivity will end up being our blind spot. However, taboos and blind spots cover enormous resources in us, resources that are often hidden personal treasures.

Identifying and working with leadership and organizational taboos and blind spots are risky endeavors in coaching and OD consulting, however, when this is accomplished, the client will definitely gain a new perspective on their situation, and it will unlock enormous potential for growth and development.

In every OD or coaching project our goal is to uncover these resources so that they can be brought to light to be fully utilized by the individual and the organization.

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Tunde Horvath, MCC is a presenter at the ICF Global 2014 Conference 

"Coaching Rocks" 
June 19-21, 2014
 Cleveland, Ohio, USA

The title of her presentation is:

Taboos and Blind Spots: How to Uncover Them for Better Performance in Leadership and Organizational Development 


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