Clients said


„Here's a great bouquet of appreciation to you for the beautiful mastery and skill you carry in your work and how you hold such openness and availability out to the other in the process.”

Ann Rockefeller Roberts, Rockefeller Family Office

“This team retreat did exceed my expectations because I had no idea we would be able to dig so deep and accomplish this much." 

G. V., Software Program Director, Prezi

“This was a very high quality workshop. It was fascinating how Tunde was paying attention to every one of us individually, how she understood where we were and what our learning edges were. The program was tight and yet I never felt rushed.”

Dora Szucs, CIB Bank


“Your talk at ICF was very useful for me.  A few days after that I started a project with a group of seven male executives. Being a woman coach, everything you told us about presence and confidence in your talk helped me a lot to stay grounded with these clients. Thank you!”

E. T., a professional coach 


„Tunde is an accurate observer, her feedback is great and her knowledge is vast and thorough. I was specifically taken by her personality.” 

Zsuzsanna Arnold, PhD, HR Director, Hungarian National Bank


“During our Action Learning training course Tünde managed the whole group and each and every individual professionally.  Through her poignant input of Insightful questions, sharp feedback, as well as supportive, free and easy way of teaching, she created an environment where it was fun and safe to learn.”

Zsofia Hatar, Training and Development Manager, Scania, Sweden 


“Tunde is a very well prepared Action Learning Coach. She has a vast knowledge both theoretically and practically. I loved her style.”

Krisztina Csombordi-Toth, AVIS


“In this workshop Tunde placed great emphasis on practice. I received a lot of personal attention from her so I feel confident about using this learning. I got a lot more out of these three days than I ever excepted.”

Andrea Valentinyi, trainer, HP 


“I got a ton of value and Definitely feel more acceptance and compassion. The insights and feelings are reverberating nicely! I think you are a masterful coach and I'm grateful to have had your help!”

K. W., leadership consultant


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